Casino in Kinmen?

What do you guys think?

Casino, not Casio. I was thinking of watches and shit until I opened the link…

Ehh. I should really double check using my phone to type. The new forum is much easier with the phone. But typos are easy to make. Especially some silly ones.

Kinman needs something. They can look over at China and see huge modern high-rise buildings and they are still living in the the last century.

Plus it could be a nice revenue stream from China and all over. It’s not like there’s much going on there that casino will bring all these vice problems.

Let the locals have their referendum - that’s democracy. I find it deeply troubling when people who claim to support democracy are against a gambling referendum.

Just make it so locals can’t gamble

Locals of kinmen or taiwan?

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Singapore started their casinos with no locals allowed but that eventually changed.

Both. Take money from Chinese and aVoid the social ills.

Taiwanese and Chinese are degenerate gamblers by birth. Legalizing gambling would destroy lives

Pretty sure the ones that gamble already do here. It’s not hard to find illegal gambling houses here in Taipei. Plenty if you know the right crowd. It’s actually probably safer if it’s regulated. Takes another revenue stream from the gangsters.

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Disagree. Those who really want to gamble can find a way of getting an overseas passport. Legalizing casinos in this place would be awful

Is it that much harder to go to Macau vs kinmen? Taiwanese get a landing visa there I believe.

Yeah, you have to go to Taoyuan and be there a few hours before. Plus the rigmarole of international flying. You can fly super easy and super quick from Songshan

The primary market is Xiamen Chinese just a few minutes away by boat.

People with gambling addictions would swim to either places if they really had to. I really don’t see a little more wait being the issue. I would still rather see some benefits from it and not all of the money go to china. Even if its Macau

I’d like all the profits to go to Taiwan and none of the social ills. Macau Government says their biggest mistake was letting locals gamble. Korea has casinos but only those with foreign passports can use them.

Local people in Macau or all of the PRC?

Locals in Macau, they have a social safety net and spend a lot treating and helping addicts.