Cat adoption

I love to adopt a cat. Nearby Taoyuan Area and Taipei.

@Icon can chime in on where best to go in Taoyuan, but here’s some that I know in Taipei.板橋動物之家_志工隊-1521786444750433/

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Been looking for the Friggin address of the Taoyuan shelter…had it in a different thread…

There you go. Let me know if you need this in English.

開放時間:星期二、四、六、日(國定假日休園) 10:00~15:00
電話: (03) 486-1760 (預約專線)
傳真: (03) 486-1765

Our cat shelter in Xindian has plenty of kitties to choose from too:

If anyone would like to foster, we have a couple of emergency cases that require urgent help:

Hurt young female, currently in Taoyuan

17 year old tuxedo in good health. Owner elderly lady in hospital, unable to take care of kitty

Please help if you can.

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