Cat doesn't really like dry food (but chows down on wet foods)

My cat won’t leave me alone when I cook. I cook meat a lot. Sometimes I have to throw random bits (which he will happily vacuum up off the floor and make it disappear in seconds). Sometimes the neighbor will give him random bits of chicken, beef, or whatever meat he can’t finish eating and the cat will vacuum them up. The cat isn’t picky and if I overfeed him on meat he’ll turn into a lion soon. He is absolutely not picky about them at all.

On the other hand, he eats very little kibbles.

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I got another problem though… I think the cat has ADHD. When I comes home he runs around, jumps everywhere, then sits on top of my computer console (you know the tower) and if I place my elbow above him where he is sitting he will take a bite or scratch at it. It hurts a lot you know.

Do you think he secretly wants to eat me?

You really need to ask?


Try telling that to the KMT

My cat just went out and brought a small rat home. Then he played around with it and then BIT IT IN HALF AND ATE IT!!!

Now there are pieces of rat all over the shop.

I’d post pictures but some kittens may find it disturbing…

This is a cartoon version of what the cat did though…