Cat minding

Seems a lot of people need someone to look after their cats sometimes. We almost couldn’t go away tomorrow because we couldn’t find someone at the last minute.

My idea is, how about a group of us who could take turns minding each others cats when we go away? Not sure if it would work or not. Just an idea.


sounds good to me :slight_smile:

I have a cat too (plus a budgie) and my woman and I are still wondering what we’ll do with them when we go back to Australia for a bit. :?

I would offer, but my cat seems to be a little anti-social. Well, at least he seems like to beat up small, defenseless (annoying) little white dogs…not sure how he’d handle another cat. I can totally understand how tough it is to find a cat sitter. Unfortunately due to the personality of my cat (big, loud crybaby), my list of sitters is getting shorter. How about the catless?


There is a very good reason we are “catless.”

I wish I could be involved in such a scheme, but one of my cats is a panty-waist pussy that would get bullied and my other cat (which could in fact be some kind of an alien species) is a fucking bastard to other cats, although with humans he’s just a big friendly baby.

In fact, he’s so intolerant of Kizzy (fighting to the point of bloodshed – this is no ordinary territorial posturing) that he’s been banished to the yard, which makes me feel bad, as he really craves human attention.

He would really be a wonderful pet for a catless person who wants a VERY affectionate furry companion.

Please, someone help!

Geez, and I thought MY cat was strange. :?

I think a circle of cat minders might be a good idea. I do have neighbours who are at home most of the time and can feed her twice a day. But it might be nice to have some more people up the sleeve. And I guess my flat is big enough to take care of one to two more cats, at least temporarily.

However, I can’t really tell what my little monster is like when being left with somebody else let alone how she reacts to other cats. She is the sweetest little darling and loves almost everybody who comes to visit us. But she kept her cat-sitter awake during my two week cny holiday (mostly due to the fact that she obviously was in heat even though the vet said it would be early enough to have her fixed after i’d come back) and broke his expensive glasses and did some nasty things some of which she doesn’t do when I am around.

Still, it might be worth a try.


Most if not all vets can board cats and dogs. Most are quite fine, although it might not be feasible to keep a cat or dog in a kennel for weeks on end. I have kept my dog in a kennel before. The best I remember finding was NT$350/day with two walks a day.

I just leave a key with a mate who pops round once a day to feed the cat. This has worked fine for the past 8 years. I don’t know about the pooing arrangement of other cats but Wee’Un (the cat) poos outside in the small garden so there’s no probs with poo piling up but this might be difficult with cats living indoors.

Can’t you just leave them in the fridge for a week or two while you are away?

Wow great idea!