Cat missing (found)

I have a black and white cat, named ninja. Yesterday I opened the window to let some fresh air in, and had left the window open all night without realizing it. The cat was nowhere to be seen all night and I assumed he was just resting somewhere. In the morning I notice the window open and the cat is nowhere to be seen. I left the door and window open all day today hoping he would come back or I would see any sign of him, but nothing.

I fear for the worst, either he’s road kill or dog food, and I don’t even begin to know where to look. I looked everywhere I think he might be, called out to him, and there is nothing. It’s been over 18 hours (I do not know when he left, he must have jumped out the window sometime at 2am last night). The thing is if he gets to the back by jumping out the window he might not know how to jump back in, and I left every avenue of entry open, including leaving meat outside, and he has not come back. I have to assume nothing good happened to him.

He doesn’t care for human’s attempt at keeping him inside and will find every opportunity to go outside but so far his range has been rather limited. He would always come back in a couple of hours. However this time he’s gone longer than ever and there’s no sign of him anywhere.

I don’t know what to do.

So sorry to hear about your cat. Escaped house cats have been known to go on walkabouts longer than this, and some even go completely feral, but they usually don’t stray very far from their home territory. I’d just keep doing what you’re doing (putting out treats for him and looking around the neighborhood), and also maybe put up missing posters. I hope he turns up soon!


He’s already semi feral… I think he was a rescue. He doesn’t like strangers, like he avoids any stranger but once you get to know him he’s real friendly. Problem is he also doesn’t take orders. Due to the nature of my shop I have to have a door open and often he’d go out on a couple of hours of walk, but today he’s been gone for a while. So I don’t know if he’s just hiding somewhere, or probably road kill/dog food.

Now I have nothing keeping rats away.

After he kills all the rats :rat: outside he will come home ? hope the cat gets back soon!

cat just returned. I need to weld the window shut


Excellent news!

Does the cat have a collar and/or chip, so if someone else finds the cat they can find you?

the cat has a chip.

Maybe I need to fit it with GPS collar.


I don’t know how useful those are; wouldn’t they need some kind of charging? But I think a big plus of a collar is it tells other people this is someone’s cat and not a stray.


A normal self release latch collar - in case he gets stuck somewhere- with your phone number written on the back or in a plaque would suffice for now.

Eh he is neutered, right?


he’s fixed. That’s the first thing I did as soon as the cat is old enough. I don’t want him making more kittens out there.

I guess I’ll have to go and get a plastic collar and laser on my phone number on it…


That was my first thought. Male cats tend to go off looking for action at frequent intervals.

It’s possible he still has some male instincts despite the lack of hormonal motivation. Anyway, glad he’s back!

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In case no one has mentioned this already, get a bag of used cat litter (used by the missing cat) and leave a trail to your place from all street corners. Wait for the cat. Place a couple of cardboard boxes next to the front door with something that smells like the missing cat, or just put a little bit of litter inside.

I hope you can find your missing cat.


As per above, he found him! Put your mind at ease.


Not plastic. If he gets it caught in something, he can get strangled. There are cheap ones that have special buckles that snap under pressure.

You can make a nice engraving on a nice hand made plaque to hang from such a collar.

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There is always done residual hormones…

Yay! Try a grill or a grate so the cat can still enjoy the outside air :slight_smile:

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