Cat of the Day 2021

A colleague of mine has a friend looking to adopt. Do you have a recent photo of your house panther that I can show them?

I’ll put him in the adoption page.

If you got a rat problem I have a solution for you. Second rat in 1 day.


cat wedding photobomb


Cross-post. :slightly_smiling_face:


Guess what she’s catching?


Something tiny - a Mosquito maybe?


The weak should fear the strong

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and right about now, that cat slowly and systematically pushes each and every one of those jars and things onto the floor. one by one. looking at you for your reaction the whole time.

PS… why is the cat floating above the sink? spooky!


“I’m not a cat!”

But that’s exactly what a cat trying to infiltrate a hooman court hearing would say!


As far as I know the sink looks like one of those shallow types. I would hate those sinks because they are useless for anything except for hand washing. Can’t do the dishes, wash your feet, fill the basin for some other stuff, wash clothes, etc. without water getting everywhere.

Cat is floating because Cyberpunk 2077 is buggy as hell even with all these patches. It is getting better with patches, I’m guessing the focus now is on game breaking bugs.

Notice the maneki neko figurines. They are everywhere in the game. Go to any shop and there are at least 2 or 3 of them.

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I wondered which game it was.

One of the coders must have a maneki neko fetish, or it’s actually a plot device. Try coloring in the eyes.

I heard it was because in the 80s there were real concern that Japan would overtake the US economically. The franchise was made in the 80s so they basically assumed what if everything that could go wrong in the 90s, did go wrong, and so Japan ends up becoming the major world power.