Cat of the day


“Obi Wan. Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time”

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So, it’s been about six months since Dr. Milko started his affirmative canine action program, and Dog of the Day is already up to 245 posts. At this rate, feline supremacy is still assured… for now. :hushed:

If the unthinkable ever happens, how will our whiskered friends adapt?


Dude, it’s not a contest. If it were, I wouldn’t post on the Cat of the Day thread so much. You space lizards are just so damn competitive all the time. It’s as if you had a plan for dominating the galaxy or something…

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Get your story straight, Terran ruminant. :unamused:

I bet you’re not even a licensed LC! :no_no:

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How dare you question my credentials! I obtained my license to practice at a fully accredited school in Grenada.

An English speaking country? Then why is your title French? :thinking:

You’re asking me? Seriously?!?

Everything sounds better in French. :howyoudoin:

You’re asking if I’m asking you? :unamused: :unamused:

Never mind…becuase “everything sounds better in French.”

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Are you sharing Icon’s keyboard? :wink:

Hmm, Chat du jour:thinking:

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Sounds delicious. Is that some fancy French dish?

And c’mon, change the title back. You’re not showing the decorum befitting a moderator of this august forum.

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Quoth the self-styled Good Doctor:thinking: