Cat of the day


Why don’t you like cats?


The guy does not have enough hair on his back. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have this problem.


Poor thing was sick today so I took the day off to be with him.


oh no… I am sure he appreciates your warmth and comfort. I am pulling for the little guy to get the home he deserves. :cat:


For Icon


Cats like beard men.




Did someone already post this for Icon?

The image was gone…




You call that a lion cut? :noway:

I’ll show you a lion cut – or several!


And then there’s this…



No no no and no!



“Obi Wan. Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time”



So, it’s been about six months since Dr. Milko started his affirmative canine action program, and Dog of the Day is already up to 245 posts. At this rate, feline supremacy is still assured… for now. :hushed:

If the unthinkable ever happens, how will our whiskered friends adapt?



Dude, it’s not a contest. If it were, I wouldn’t post on the Cat of the Day thread so much. You space lizards are just so damn competitive all the time. It’s as if you had a plan for dominating the galaxy or something…


Get your story straight, Terran ruminant. :unamused:

I bet you’re not even a licensed LC! :no_no:


How dare you question my credentials! I obtained my license to practice at a fully accredited school in Grenada.