Cat of the day


An English speaking country? Then why is your title French? :thinking:


You’re asking me? Seriously?!?


Everything sounds better in French. :howyoudoin:


You’re asking if I’m asking you? :unamused: :unamused:


Never mind…becuase “everything sounds better in French.”




Are you sharing Icon’s keyboard? :wink:


Hmm, Chat du jour:thinking:


Sounds delicious. Is that some fancy French dish?

And c’mon, change the title back. You’re not showing the decorum befitting a moderator of this august forum.



Quoth the self-styled Good Doctor:thinking:


Wife paid 70 to have a mobile trimmer come over. Gendut got a Lion cut and now my friend calls him the Lion King

His majesty was not pleased.


Good for the home service, that way His Majesty won’t be so stressed.

There is a meme going around regarding shaving actually not helping keeping pets cool, but I guess in his case, with so much fur, it might make sense.


Happy Mother’s day to all pet and human mother’s.


Couldn’t resist this …for Dr. M :rofl:


If “his majesty” is the same cat your wife was holding up recently in a pic - the same cat that was about the same size as your wife, that is - then don’t piss him off!

And keep him fed, too. He looks like a sweetie … but that cat is HUGE. :runaway:


I would give that a like, but somebody’s algorithm would get the wrong idea. :wink:

Edit: changed my mind. Grumpy Cat is worth it! :smile: