Cat of the day





It is if you spell ‘chat’ slightly differently. Same pronunciation. Probably not a suitable thread topic.


Sorry on fB feed but funny.



Ok he really isn’t that big only about double the size of most cats and near half the size of my wife.

Don’t understand why my two friends who babysit him and his vet is scared of him. None of them dare to pick him up.

Neighbor has a Great Dane big as a small horse.
I was walking gendut (which means Big in Bahasa) and I said to him “Jeez that’s a small horse you got there”. And he replied “your cat can mess up a small horse”

When we take him out a lot of people want to pet him but they always ask if he is friendly.

He’s so gentle he wouldn’t hurt a fly.
His list of followers on instagram is near 1400

Reminds me of the comedian who said he has only two followers on Instagram…his mom and his parole officer.











Chehu whopper loves to hiss
But not give kisses



From a local cat lovers group


“Whose bright idea was this shit”


¿Qué dices?

EDIT: ok, that’s what the cat is supposedly saying