Cat of the day


A dog may be a man’s best friend but a cat is a girl’s best friend

But whopper looks like he would rather be hunting a mouse


Allready a little older:







Evil is my little yellow kitten. He stole my tub of butter from under my nose and consumed a quarter of it. Unfortunately I did not notice until his poop was coming out liquid. Oh and I found the rest of the uneaten butter.

I would say I got the last laugh as the vet gave him 3 shots and he must go on a diet. Butter is too much oily for little evil kittens.



What’s that about organic & free range? :thinking: :cat:


Holy… dunno.




Chehu won a free bandana

The Lion cut


Our neighbor has a border collie and they did that cut on him. Funniest thing you’ve ever seen.

Kudos to the groomer that does Whooper. Must not be an easy ride.


Whopper did his best to tear him to pieces ( he was unharmed )lol
Poor guy will not be back


Whopper’s eyes seem to say that, if you die in your home, he will wait until your body cools an appropriately respectful amount of time before he begins chewing on your face - he promises.

j/k, Whopper’s a handsome devil.


Said amount of time being approximately 30 seconds?


Or less. Probably depends on whether tommy’s wife keeps trying to plant smooches on Whopper the cat.

ETA: you people and your minds all in the gutter, I swear. :no_no:



Portraits from the Merseyside Cat Show in the UK