Cat of the day


From tempogain’s link to the Merseyside cat show.

Dafuq kinda cat is this guy?


It’s called the lion-bat cat :hugs:


He looks pissed.


That last one is so true.


Tell me about it. I have 3 kittens running around and picking fights, while knocking stuff down in between. Then the older cats get really angry…it’s all at 3am…


What part of “nocturnal” don’t you understand? :grin:


The part where I have to get up at 6:30 and feed them.


Just don’t let them hear you complaining about it.


Dobby wants to help Harry Potter Sir!


Oh my god, that’s it! I knew I’d seen that face somewhere before.


Six AM ?

We are currently visiting Monterey for a few days and his majesty the lion mini king has decided that today he shall be fed at 4am

And that he shall meow loudly and pace about the room for no reason other than that he can

I am currently having his highness in the toilet and convincing him to be quiet

Which may not work

There was a time In pacific grove that I had to take him for a walk outside at 4am

Luckily not stopped by cops

I may have to take him to the lobby


Fixed that for you. :sunglasses:




No pics but we took the little rascal out for walks 3 times in three days and he had 4 or 5 birds follow him around chirping loudly

What’s up with that ?



It could be some form of ritual humiliation. The Mongols were big on that



Whopper likes to watch kid shows in bed on his iPad

Spoiled you say ?