Cat of the day




I guess it’s good not to lose sight of cats’ true nature, but man, that’s pretty chilling.


Cruel but that’s what cats do.

I suspect whopper will jump out of there saying yeek a mouse and will dial 911


Do some cats suffer from “toxic felinity”? :cat: :thinking:


I think self loathing and insomnia are human traits




Mom's Got Your Back by Penny Hyde, on Flickr


Shiro ruht sich aus by louhma, on Flickr


Achilles, the psychic cat who predicted Russia’s victory in the World Cup opening match


Cross post. :lion: :slight_smile:

Next, a statue of a lion grooming itself…



I never realised lynx have feet like a Dr Seuss cartoon.




Whopper watching the big screen tv at the hotel

His mommie won’t leave him be


LOL - nobody does a pissed-off expression like cats do.


Nancy Pelosi does a fairly good job :grinning:


lynx one: Sam you still owe me money from last week
Lynx 2 : No, you drank both beers and I owe YOU money? F*ck That !

Lynx one: Fck f8ck 583386636
Lynx 2 : Shut the F
ck up. And you owe me two beers now. Plus stop pissing around these parts.