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Ha Ha … its too funny


Wait until you see this:




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love u cute cat Cutest cat in the world no the universe


I just gave up completely at home.


Video of cat “playing” with fish:

It’s cute until somebody gets their head bit off. Reminds me why I generally stay away from FaceBag. What a bunch of morons.


Plenty of cat people also maintain a small home aquarium. It keeps the cats entertained and doubles as a drinking fountain for cats. Cats likes fresh flowing water. Of the people I know who do this, none of their cats tried to kill the fish. I have seen youtube videos where cats try and fell into the tank though.


Guess my experience is different. I’ve seen a cat eat a pet goldfish. Maybe it depends on the cat…and the fish.


Yeah, I think it really does depend on the cat. Some cats will just kill anything that moves, just because. We have an outdoor fishpond - very small, easily accessible to the fat feral cats that lurk around our yard. They don’t seem to bother the fish. Maybe it’s just too much effort.


Recently, I found this female cat, terrified hidden in the park bushes. Long story short, I am trying to make her feel at home. She gets along with Bobby but not with the older cats. She is very sweet but also very young and active. Curious, very curious.

So last night around 2am I feel her jumping around, playing on my bed. Cute, I think.

Then I remember: she likes her toys LIVE.

Yep. A huge roach. Where from?!


Funny how they do that. Our cat was the same - she’d been in the apartment for perhaps a week, and when we finally gave her run of the full apartment, we were really happy when she jumped up on the bed to be with us that first night. She was initially skittish and I was surprised she was already willing to approach us. Until I realized she’d carried a roach with her! (A gift for the two people who had suddenly taken her in and started to give her food?)

I mean, I know the roaches are around, but we’ve now had two cats for over ten years, and in that time they’ve found and killed maybe six or seven cockroaches in total - it still seems weird that she caught one her first night on the loose, and approximately one every two years ever since. But I guess the presence of the cats keeps the roaches under control? Or, and god I hope not, they’re eating other cockroaches and so I never see the corpses? Or one day I’ll discover a little hidey-hole, and they’ve plonked dozens of corpses in it?

Meanwhile one of my cats has decided he wants to play, so he’s gone into the other room, started to miao plaintively, and begun knocking things off the shelves. Sigh. Duty calls.


Gendut out for a walk …getting ready for it to rain cats and dogs again !



Thanks HS. There’s no piano, but it’s good enough for me!



I got news. Remember I told you guys I found a cat? Well, she’s pregnant. I am getting 4 for one.