Cat of the day


Congratulations! :grinning:
Start the new year with the miracle of creation!

:cat: :smile_cat: :cat: :heart_eyes_cat: :cat: :cat2: :cat: :dog2: :cat: :kissing_cat: :cat: :runaway:


Muchas gracias. But if my Math is right, shouldn’t be more than 7 cats and one dog… I think… But freak out is right. Haven’t witnessed the “miracle” of birth since… way back, like last century. I was hoping to be spared.


I hope you will make some peoples’ new year dreams come true with the gift of life :innocent:


Look at the bright side…at least you’re not getting an 8-kitten litter. You wouldn’t want to be another Octomom!


Trying to get ready for Monday…


Last night, I woke up in pain, with a busted lip. However, this time it was not the cats` fault. It was the cold.



Sense of humor…market sense.



It’s be sad if the accessory is real cat balls. They have kangaroo balls key chain in gift shops down under.


Depends. There is an orange tabby in the hood who I have tried to TNR for along time. I will have his balls as accessories, I swear. Don’t worry, it will be humane and with a lot of anesthetic. It is for his own good. The rest of him will be intact. Well, maybe we will chip him and vaccinate him and clip his nails and … oh, well, he’ll be all right.


Maybe vet clinics could contract with those accessory companies to provide real furry cat balls to make phone charms. I mean, as long as it’s humane, right?

When I saw lucky rabbit’s feet as I kid, I had visions of poor rabbits hobbling around on stubs. But I guess they weren’t even that lucky.


I assure you I can make the phone balls and the phone case just using fur I brush off my kitties. No pain involved.

I found the accessories quite funny as I rememeber when my own cats were fixed and the vet saw it fit to come outside holding them bloody things to prove she had done the operation. I trust you! I really do! Now get those away from me!!!

Furthermore, the male cats will keep the empty sacs for a while. It looks as if they still have their manhood intact. So you could hold them and their balls separately like that.


Thanks for the visual. No wonder you haven’t had any luck catching that stray tabby. He knows you’re a ball breaker!


Oh yes, I am. I have a long history of separating tabbies from their Precious.

Every 2 or 3 years, there is that one cat that runs like hell and eludes our traps. Then they get caught by the pound. So it is on his best interests to give em up!


Give up your balls…it’s for your own good! Unfortunately, I’m sure this message sounds very familiar to many males of the human species as well.


Well, it is that or jail or death… for the cat. Pick your poison. Freedom always comes with a price.


Though in my case


Don’t worry Icon, you’re not alone. Tons of people in Taiwan are getting pets instead of shacking up and procreating. I hear it’s a serious problem. :grin:


The only ones procreating are the pets!