Cat of the day


Maisie Williams. She was “Me” (AKA Isilder, sp?) - a recurring character in Season 9 of Doctor Who. But better known to most as Arya Stark / “No One” from Game of Thrones


Something very Mr Beanish.


Ah, cat dragons…


eh? She played basically the same character in both stories? That’s, like, twilight-zone spooky. What if she really is … you know, an immortal time-travelling Viking or summat?

That’s what it is. She’s a female Mr Bean. Except I didn’t have impure thoughts about Mr Bean.


Isn’t she like 20 years old? No judgments…


More like 18, I think. But she plays a character who’s 3000 years old, so I guess it’s OK.



Even the little ones know it…


Are most intercultural relationships in Taiwan doomed?
"Make American sperm counts great again!"

Cat fu!!





Double dose today :cat: :slight_smile: :cat:


My weekend


My life. The only one I often forget is poor Bobby.


I only feed the quiet one.


I have to supervise six. Either they eat too fast and throw up or they eat too fast and go steal Bobby’s food.


The fact that Bobby hasn’t been taken out by The Six or hasn’t taken out The Six…still amazes me.


Au contraire, my friend, Bobby adores those kittens and loves his new mate, Lola (the baby mama).

Please notice Lola using Bobby as pillow while nursing in that last shot.


That’s super adorable