Cat of the day



Trump is the new Business Cat.


I finally caught my cat chirping!

I’ve been wanting to capture my cats doing this since when I got my first cat. I finally captured a short clip of it with my second cat. Without me trying to film them, they can do this for over a minute…


I love it. At least the birds do not come and perform a dance inches from your cats’ noses, protected by glass! Right now it is great because there are so many birdies around. Cats are really entertained. Last weekend I caught 5 of my cats sitting in line at the balcony, mesmerized, some chirping, some just meowing, at 3 or 4 Japanese white eyes hanging from the power lines. Drool, drool…sorry, pals, LOL.


Nice job catching that on film. My family has always had cats, and it was years before the first time I got to see one chirp. Some cats I’ve had don’t seem to do it at all.


The world is cat


So I finally named the remaining kittens. Welcome Jiji - the black one- and Sir Pounce - the black and white one.




As official resident crazy cat lady, I hereby share some kittens for adoption with you.


That’s some pretty cute product you’ve got there, crazy cat lady. I’d love to re-up on the cuteness, but my birds say no.


But look at those needy eyes, those cute faces. Who cam resist?


Two cute little birds who don’t want to end up as cat food.


ok technically not cats. But called CAT BEAR in Chinese so here.

Thought they were pretty cute. Apparently this was the 3 rascals keeper and it was her last day before retiring (who can blame her, the kids are getting out of hand…haha). And the CAT BEARS (aka Pandas) seem to know this and they refused to let her go.

So the story goes…
Maybe she had some treats hidden in her pockets?


After all those years working with Pandas, she appears to have turned into one.


This is my cat, Teemo :slight_smile: I got him in Taipei. He’s super famous after I posted him on Reddit.


This cat clearly should be famous.


Yo quiero!


isn’t that whatserface from Dr Who? I like her. Something about the eyebrows.


He started.