Cat of the day


I have cats with all kinds of kinks. The vet says it is genetic. Of the 3 born here, 1 had a kink like his mom.


Fascinating. I’ve only ever seen the same old tails on American cats.


As a matter of fact, I use tails to tell who is who in the dark. Lola has a short tail with a 45 degree bent, for example. She looks like Icon except for the tail.


The cats have the crazies tonight. Heater was dropped and almost became a fatality. Sigh.

Of course, tomorrow at 9 a repairman comes. So the cats logically must engage in all kinds of noisy activities… Double sigh.











So, since the cats have been digging in the garbage can and dragging its contents around, I bought a new kind of pail that you have to push to open. No way they can do that, I thought. Lo and behold, I turn around and they are playing with a piece of plastic…and the garbage pail`s top is open. I hereby present the evidence to the prosecution.

I rest my case.

See the little paw prints?!



wifey makes me double lock the front door when we go out…lest whopper figures out how to get out.


Happy C(h)aturday!





Is Whopper going shopping?