Cat Problem: Grooming and Diet

we just adopted a 4-5yr old cat and named him shen dan (salty egg), hes a wonderful cat but when taken to a groomers he starts acting crazy… i know that cats don’t like water and stuff but we took shen dan to 2 different groomers and one especially for cat grooming… but they all said he was too mean… we’re taking him to one more groomer (a highly experienced one) before we do it ourselves… i noticed that he has a beautiful coat but i guess the previous owner didn’t really do a good job at maintaining it and got a lot of matted furs around shen dan’s chin and bottom area, so he really needs to be shaved of his previous coat.

shen dan’s also a bit on the skinny side… i think its because the previous owner’s cat ate all the food before he could get to it lol, we keep a lot of food around for him at first because he doesn’t seem to have a lot of appetite, and he follows as around and meows a lot… i’m kind of confused as to whether its hungry or just wants attention lol because i’m afraid he doesn’t like the food we give him… we brought both dry and wet food to see which he prefers but shen dan only eats a bit at a time… i was wondering if anybody have any suggestions about his diet… i’m just really worried about shen dan’s diet…

but other than that, shen dan is a beautiful and fun cat to have around lol i didn’t know cats like to lick people like dogs and shen dan is taking a liking to us especially me… ahah again this is my first time owning a cat… i’m more experienced when it comes to dogs lol

heres a pic of our shen dan!

Hi 12ice,

I was in a “similar” situation, but actually, I’ve been a cat companion all my life, then I found a dog… First of all, congratulations on helping out such a cutie.

Second, take it easy, one step at a time. Cats take longer to adapt to a new environment. Then, they do not need so many baths/groomer time, even long haired ones. A good diet, daily brushing, furball medicine and a clean environment usually take care of things naturally. Cats can go months without a bath. Really.

My cats go bananas when they see the pet carrier. They get stressed at the vet, and to be groomed/treated, they are often sedated. I think it is better that you take this fellow to a vet, since most also have grooming facilities. He may bneed to be sedated to be shaved for the summer.

With summer here, food spoils quickly. Furthermore, cats do not have a lot of appetite now because of the heat. Make sure you remove all leftovers quickly. Add some brewer’s yeast and/or probiotics -about 200/400 nts a big pot at the vet- to the wet food, so kitty will not have stomach problems. It is also advisable a drop or two of apple cider vinegar in his water, as tehy tend to drink too little and in this weather, they can develop kidney stones. When his appetite increases, increase teh food.

Add snacks to his playtime, maybe even try to train him. This will make him exercise, strenghten teh bond between you two, and get him to eat more. He will associate food with pleasant things and not with teh stress of fighting for it with another cat.

My :2cents:

thanks icon! yea i know cats doesn’t need to be groomed as much as dogs since they’re really clean animals lol but shen dan’s coat is really matted badly… so we have to take him to a groomers… and yea we don’t want to sedate shen dan because it seems a bit harsh…

and yea we brought a lot of toys for him to played with him all night last night lol and i think we spoiled him too much that he kept trying to wake us up this morning to play with him lol

You could buy some clippers and do it yourself when he’s calmer, at home. Maybe run them for a while, a few times, until he’s used to the sound. Or use scissors, which, being quiet, are less likely to scare him. :idunno:

hmm sounds like a good idea db! but so far no call from the groomers yet so i’m guessing its going pretty well hahah. i can’t wait to get our shen dan back… i’m hoping he won’t look too skinny… i’m just really worried he’s really underweight.

Well, NO one’s got much of an appetite in this heat! If you have part of the apartment air conditioned, you should move him to that part, along with his water, food and litterbox. That might help.

Make sure your kitty doesn’t have tummy worms. That could be one reason it’s so skinny and doesn’t like to eat much.

True dat. And check for ear mites and other parasites.

thanks jimi and housecat, i’m actually getting him a checkup next week at the same vet, i cleaned his ear with ear meds and stuff first day i got him heheh