Cattery - my kitty needs a hotel whilst I'm on holiday

Hi all,
We’re going away for a few weeks in summer and I need to book my kitty into an excellent cattery. I don’t want him locked up in a tiny cage - he must be able to move around, use his litter tray and play with his favourite mouse. Eventhough we live in Ilan, I don’t mind taking him to Taipei.

Have you found a cattery yet? If not, we might have a hotel in Taipei
(a couple who adore cats and a large INDOORS apartment that happens
to be cat-less). We could see if he would accept it for a few weeks.
Please email me at CornellHy at hotmail .com . Or, return the post here.


Thanks so much for the offer, but luckily my vet is able to help. He has some friends who allow their kitties to walk around and do whatever they want - great, because my baby doesn’t like being in a cage. Also, if he’s sick, the vet will be right there to help.
You are really sweet though and I do appreciate it.
Pixie :notworthy: