CBD? A Scam?

I eat the whole fish, about 3 of them a week to get the same result.

I ordered some CBD oils to see if it can help me sleep at night.

I started using it last month and it has definitely improved my sleep. My wife needs a higher dose but it works for her too.

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Are you in Taiwan? Where did you order it?

That’s not a study .

I didn’t know which concentration to get so I got the 10%. They say to start at 5% but I’ve smoked weed before so I guess it won’t be any more intense than that.

Cannabis works amazing for sleep. But I worry about short term memory issues the next morning. I don’t believe it causes long term memory issues, but it does make you forget things when you use it. I’m not sure how long it takes to clear your system.

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I’m in the USA.

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Everything I see online is sold in terms of milligram dosage. For me, a 500mg concentration per 30ml works well, where each dose is 1ml and 16.67mg CBD per dose. I buy the THC-free version in case my company ever requires a drug test (less likely now that we are working from home).

Are you supposed to feel something from CBD. I don’t feel anything. I know it’s not THC, but idk what I’m suppose to expect.

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I started vaping CBD oil about a month ago based off a recommendation from a friend. This was due to COVID severely limiting access to the “good stuff” and Not being able to get a proper good night’s sleep.

I’m very surprised by the results. Since I started my sleep has improved drastically. Before, I would wake a few times a night with great difficulty going back to sleep. Now I sleep like a baby until the sun comes out.

As well, once the ‘rona started I decided to get back into shape and have been hitting the gym and the golf courses hard which led to general soreness and tightness of joints, especially my wrists. While the CBD hasn’t completely eliminated these pings and pangs, it has lessened the overall severity.

It has worked for me. And by the way, If you are in Taiwan you can get a legal, medical prescription for it. If interested look for “BetterCallZoe” on IG, she is a lawyer based out of KHH and she can help with all the paperwork and doctors to write the prescription. Then you can import from overseas. However is you are ordering from the States, the FDA approval for export is a bit of a pain in the ass, but doable.

But do you feel anything? I’m not sure if you should feel any different.

I’m very high strung with a very stressful job and it has had a calming effect, but no, it doesn’t get me high.

I just feel a bit more relaxed and sleepy. CBD or not, I have no problem falling asleep. But staying asleep is my problem and CBD helps me fall back to sleep when I wake up in the middle of the night.


Do you take it when you are working? I worry about memory, idk if it’s only THC that affects short term memory.

CBD is responsible for part of the psychotropic affects of Hashish. Old schoolers know this before all the slunk hit the markets. Afghan black morrocon black etc was high in CBD and would make one very chilled, some of the Thai and Nepali hashish on the other hand got one so high it could cause strong hallucinations in time and space. Well a friend told me that anyway.

At lower concentrations it just makes me more relaxed. At higher concentrations I can definitely feel a physical effect. Kind of like the feel of rolling waves when you’re on a gently rocking boat, plus slight euphoria.


I think you completely missed the point…hehe. thats exactly why they will make a synthetic version…

The biggest advantage of cbd being legal is it paves the way for the entire species that produces it to be legal, and that has been a long terrifying time coming!

Slowly but surely the anti freedom folks are getting thinner and their arguments finally being called the bullshit they always were :slight_smile:

Anyone tried getting CBD in Taiwan? What’s the process? I heard you have to import it, you can’t just buy it here, or does a doctor have to prescribe it?

I don’t think the “Anti freedom folks” are getting thinner , if anything it’s going the other way. The Netherlands already only allows Dutch citizens to buy and the amount of THC content is regulated.
Thailand looks likely to reverse it’s laws. In US it is legal in just some places and it’s production is generally highly regulated. I hope you are correct but I don’t think necessarily the tide is one way.

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Agree. I am hopeful but some days I share your reservations as well.

The thing is there are already, and have been for many years, synthetics. I do t want this to eb the case, but I suspect it will be the case moving forward on legalizing say weed. The issue is criminaling this plant is about as dumb and obviously unethical as it comes. In today’s age it only remains so for 3 reasons.

  1. To reverse is such a loss of face and also going to be a lot of lawsuits. Frankly, the government needs to pay for what they did. Same problem with slavery, catholic pedophiles and so on. Eventually they need to fess and move on. The linger one waits, the Hugh the bill.

  2. Economic lobby groups. Not going to bother with that, it’s also obvious and a huge problem with so many things., not just this species of economically and med ially important plant.

  3. Hard nosed people that were brain washed this is evil. Religious extremists aren’t the only one, bu5 in some nations this seems a big part. Racism and just simple ignorance are also massive issues with these types of people. Even once they do a little reading and figure out this isn’t some reincarnated demon leaf, we end up with problem #1. There is a lot of study on the psychology of continuing a lie once on realizes their point was wrong, just to avoid looking like a fool.

I think if our species as a whole could just get along with admitting being wrong and not being so stigmatized for evolving and and changing our views, things would go along much better.