CBD? A Scam?

CBD has been hyped up recently. But it seems it’s not been proven to do anything really and that THC is what actually works. In Italy, Deputy Prime Minister Salvini just made the sale CBD products illegal and all the stores selling it had to close last week.

The effect of cannabis comes from the combination of cbd, cbn and thc. Thc would be the strongest one but the other two should do something too. Yes, people are exploring its commercial potential and we will hear more about it soon.

There doesn’t seem to be much evidence though.

Evidence of what. IIRC it’s a bit like an analgesic?

Evidence of medical or health benefits. I think it’s only been shown to have potential in helping epilepsy. Other than that, nada.

If you’re very interested I can ask a friend who is starting a business related to this, but I’m sure he’s going to have some biass.

I do believe that more studies are needed. But I know who I’m not voting for next election.

Sure. Where is he located if you don’t mind.

Do you think this particular industry can last when there is some momentum to legalize Cannabis overall?

Not in Taiwan. I think that these companies would adapt easily to a new hypothetical situation of thc legalized.

serious question, is there a pill-form that gives the same effects as smoking a joint?

My parents have come full circle and will accept MJ if at some point they get cancer or some other painful disease.

There’s been synthetic THC for decades I think.

Yes, there is synthetic THC.

But I would suggest a whole list of natural Products made from extracted THC oil. You can get candies, drinks, cookies, even cream to rub on specific areas. Probably wayyyyyy cheaper than synthetic THC. It’s stupid to make synthetic THC when Cannabis has it and anyone can grow it.

forgot about the cookies, food. etc.
correct, would rather not use synthetic stuff

Yeah, in the hypothetical case that your parents got cancer, God forbids, they could use natural cannabis in a different way than smoking it. The problem with that is how to control the concentration of the active principles. But this could help your parents launch a career ala Breaking Bad!

A major barrier to the study was the notion that the cannabis-based medicine would make the children intoxicated.

But the actual medication consisted of 95 per cent cannabidiol (CBD) and five per cent THC. CBD is derived from cannabis plants but does not create a high, whereas THC can be intoxicating.

Part of the study attempted to outline a framework on how to administer cannabis-based medicine, as there was no evidence-based dosage guideline, Huntsman said.

I get dosage is important for drugs. But there are very little consequences to taking too much THC from personal experience and from studies. There is only so high you can get, and it’s pretty much impossible to OD from it. Where as even OTC acetaminophen can give you a whole list of side effects from too much ranging from stomach ulcers to death.

Personally, I didn’t feel anything from CBD and can’t notice much of the benefits it’s supposed to have. I am skeptical of it. I think THC is what will help people. But I get we don’t necessarily want children high, but we give amphetamines to kids and they def get a high from that. Not saying we should do either but it’s worth considering we already openly get kids high for the benefits.

Ibuprofen gives stomach ulcers. Tylenol damages the liver.

Omega 3 fish oil capsules, it’s a big scam too.

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how many boxes did the cute saleslady get you to buy?

I’ve been taking something called Placebos, and I feel much better now!

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