CCP paying dodgy Foreign Youtubers in China to parrot the party line?

CCP has started sponsoring a bunch of weird random foreign dudes to produce weekly videos attacking Serpentza and Laowhy86.

Look at and listen to these guys…I smell used banknotes.:sunglasses: Lord Hawhaws taking the cash.

Watch out for some hard up foreigners doing the same here.


SerpentZA was speculating a lot of foreigners in China get to this position because maybe they were sketchy/on the run from the law in a previous life, and China’s lack of extradition laws have given them safe refuge.

So maybe they’re taking coin for it, or just looking to grease a wheel for a future favor somewhere, or maybe just cheerleaders/sycophants for people who may not look out for human rights or anything, but don’t care because they think they personally have been afforded safe haven, or will be more likely to if they produce these kinds of videos.

Any way you slice a stinking fish, it stinks.


I reckon they want to get some favours from the local government or else just straight up money.

There was another YouTuber, French guy, that got thrownout of China last year. At one stage he was was forced by the local security bureau to say positive things about China cos they were investigating him but it didn’t matter, he lost his job and was thrown out of the country anyway.


If you swim with sharks eventually you’ll get bit.


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Then you can put the story on youtube, while saying it wasn’t the sharks fault :wink:

The first guy looks genuine. He’s stupid for still buying China’s narrative but (based solely on the video) looks like he actually believes what he’s saying.
The second guy though, he has one of those faces that you just want to punch.


Look at the wording and the Chinese flag. :sunglasses:
Personally I think they are all paid.
Either that or yeah collosal dickheads.


I wouldn’t waste time watching them or the two they are going on about either

However I would waste my my time watching M13.

Sad little waiguoren wumao.

Some people will do anything for a quick buck. :face_vomiting:


Yeah I still check in to M13’s channel sometimes.

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How many blow jobs does it take to unscrew a man?

No way that I’m going to sit through either video but I don’t necessarily think either are paid. There are actually people like this out there and it’s not like you’re doing to say anything different if you are posting videos about China online.

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The irony of posting how great the CCP is…on a platform banned by the CCP. Genius.


Hey guys, I wanted to tell you how great the CCP is. But I had to break CCP law in order to tell you!

Isn’t the CCP wonderful?

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The first ones post was sponsored on my YouTube. I think more of a useful idiot than in the pocket of anyone

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This United Front stuff started a long, long time ago.

But it was a lot funnier back then.

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i think that second guys stuff is partially down to being naive. a lot of people end up following what their chinese wife tells them. he also only lives in china for certain months. he isn’t getting the full exposure.

but yea he does seem to have crossed over into wu mao territory which is just a sad situation.


If you’ve ever read The People’s Daily, it is excellent propaganda and explains why Chinese are obsequious pro China automotons

The People’s Daily is not for a Chinese readership. It’s an attempt (key word: attempt) to project that propaganda into the anglosphere.


If you’re looking for a face to punch, try this YouTuber. A 10 on the cringeworthy scale and definitely being paid: