[CCRD] New Zealand - No Criminal Record

Did anyone manage to negotiate this maze?

You need a “police clearance from your country”

NZ police will not give it to a person - so you get them to send it to Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office in NZ who authenticate it - easy - then they send it to BOCA in Taiwan - so how do you find it then???

Normally, the Clean Criminal Record Documentation (CCRD) is given to the person applying. In fact this is NECESSARY, because you need to get the entire document translated into Chinese. However, if you can mysteriously manage to come up with the Chinese translation, and your local Police Dept. wants to give it to the Taiwan authorities in your home country, then you should ask that the Taiwanese authorities there mail it to you (here in Taiwan), and then you can take it to the Bureau of Consular Affairs, MOFA, yourself.

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