[CCRD] Re: CCRD and fingerprinting

I jusr received my Calif Dept of Justice documents, and what they are is a set of fingerprint cards with space to fill in name, Driver’s license #, SS#, etc. Has anyone gone through this procedure, and if so, where do I get the fingerprinting done? AIT? FA Police?
Local Police Station? Also, on the form it states that it usually takes 6-8 weeks to process–is that counted in the 3 months that it’s valid(I pray not). Thanks for any advice.


AIT will do it, but of course for a charge. I have also heard that local Criminal investigation departments of local police stations will do it, and if not for free, for a very low price. You could have a Chinese friend call and ask.

The three months starts on the date the CCRD is actually issued.

when they look at your criminal record, if it’s not a conviction it doesn’t count, right?

I just did it recently, and I can assure you, it’s free. They were efficient and friendly. I came bearing the fingerprint form provided by the Canadian Trade Office and sent it to the RCMP office in Ottawa. 6 weeks later I got it back and had it verified by the Taiwan Trade Office in Toronto. They then sent it back to me and I handed it in to MOFA. No problems at all…


Can anyone, from any nationality, use the Canadian Trade Office’s free fingerprint service?

This is still good advice.