[CCRD] Where can I get fingerprinted? (CCRD application)

Anyone with a clue about where I can get fingerprinted? I tried AIT, local police station–they called FA police and both said no.
I’m trying to get an APRC.
Any suggestions are appreciated.

Go and rob a 7/11 . Nah dunno mate, I’d be surprised is the local cops don’t do it though. Try another station.

Lone Rhinoceros,

I know most people who use this site are from the Taipei area, but I will tell you what I did. When I needed fingerprints for the CCRD, (clean criminal record document)I went to Wai Jiao Bu (the foreign affairs police station) in Kaohsiung and a police officer (???) did it for me. I suggest you have them do two copies. So, try the Wai Jiao Bu in Taipei. Good Luck!

… and a police officer (???) did it for me.

He gave you his prints!?

Lone Rhinoceros, have you tried the Police Headquarters around Hsi Men Ding? That’s the place where I collected my ARC, so I guess they should be able to help …