Cell Phone/ADSL Protest Day?

Would you call the phone companies to complain?

  • Sure
  • Waste of breath

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I move that we pick a day and ply all the cell phone companies, plus Chunghwa and Taiwan Fixed Network, with phone calls complaining about the irrational policies (newly implemented) requiring guarantors, international credit cards, and other ridiculous stuff before granting us the amazing privilege of having a cell phone like 50 million other underage impecunious students.

I s’pose I would, ‘cept I ain’t got one a them fancy little telephones I see folks wearin’ on chains 'round their necks like jewelry.

Well, we can always give you a coupla NT$1 coins and let you use a payphone somewhere… :smiley: I think there’re still some around…you know, those ugly blue-green things. (Was that the only color of paint produced before 1970? Why are all wooden houses, telephones, etc. painted that color??)

not worth it. personally i’ve seen foreigners who seem to think it is their god-given right to cheat the phone company. it may be annoying but it’s not surprising to me that they’ve decided to take such measures.

I had to pay my co-worker $3,000NT to be my guarantor. I cannot get a guarantor otherwise. :frowning:

Terry, it can be done. Click here for a post I wrote earlier on the same subject. :sunglasses:

Occasionally it is worth calling and complaining, sometimes they actually listen and CARE depending on who you talk to. Some of them even go so far as to be very very honest too, I remind them they shouldn’t tell me anything bad especially if their calls are being recorded.