Cell phone charging question

Can I charge and use my 220 volt Philippines Nokia phone in Taiwan where they use the 110 volt charging systems? I tried asking Nokia and they were ignorant about the concept. Thanks in advance for your assistance

The charger should have a label stating the voltage and frequency. If it says something like “110-240V; 50/60Hz”, then it’s fine. If it’s only “220V/60Hz”, you’ll have to buy a 110V/60Hz charger from Taiwan.

Ya, just like Andre said you can simply check the label on your charger.
But if your charger only support 220VAC input, you can just go get a transformer.
Not really need to buy a 110VAC input charger for your cell.


You’re talking about the charger being 220v, not the phone, surely?
A 110v Nokia charger can’t cost more than a few hundred NT at most, can it?

The Nokia travel charger (ACP-12) can handle 110-240V, 50/60Hz and costs around NTD300. It’s compatible with most newer Nokia phones.

Don’t buy a 3rd party one, it screwed up my previous phone’s battery.