Cell phone in the bog?

Is it cool to talk on your cell whilst using the loo?

  • Absolutely not, you are a disgusting wretch
  • #1, OK. #2, NO K
  • Why not? Lighten up, it’s a cell phone, it ain’t a smell phone

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Personally, if I find out that you’re calling me whilst dropping off the Browns at the Super Bowl, I’ll hang up.
I was just taking a whiz and heard some dude chatting away in one of the cubes. What made it worse was that he was using the freakin squatter!! Eeeewwwww…
Aside from the questionable aesthetic vibe, is the call really so important that it can’t wait?
I mean, jeez…

He’s probably the same guy you’ll later see on a street corner with his finger up his nose to the third knuckle, oblivious to his charming effect on others.

Usually I’m a fan of multi-tasking, but there is one line of business in which one must be strictly focussed on the matters at hand, and that is when you’re dropping the kids off at the pool. Passive is the only acceptable form of communicating when the strides are down, and this means reading or listening to music, podcasts, whatever. It doesn’t mean answering the phone or talking through the freakin’ door!

No matter how high I raise the abusive response meter, I am unfortunately yet to ram this message through to either the lil’ Thai princess or the missus, who has, on one memorable occasion, attempted to slide me an answered phone under the door. I may have to escalate my response to this with a handful of evidence of what I’m actually up to behind that deliberately closed door.

I presume women, and it is always women who attempt to talk through the door, commence this despicable behaviour around the same time the genetic must go to the karzi in pairs thing kicks in. Where a bloke gets the phone manners I have no idea, apart from the surety that it isn’t via good genetics.


Dependes entirely on who you’re talking to and what you think of them.

Just be sure that you DON’T turn on the speaker-phone when you’re in the loo.

I’d also be wary of camera phones.