Cellphones: Where to buy new and used

Where can I buy used phones and where is the best place to get the best deal on new cell phones. Is there a market or specific area that has the best deals? These phones would be non contract based. Cheers!

I have seen used handphones for sale on the night markets but there is also a complex in Ximending that seems to cater mostly for handphones, new and used.
The shops are located on the Ground floor of that complex located either on Emai or Wuchang Rd., just West of Zhonghua Rd. (might be the one with the old cinema, not sure though). Dunno if the deals are good or bad, have never bought anything there but it might be worth checking out as it’s easy to get there.

I’ve got three on my desk right now that I don’t want.

a Panasonic (can’t find the charger right now)

A motorola, LF2000+, incl. British charger.

Motorala A6188. hardly used.

Offers would be appreciated.




(Chinese only)