Ceramics? throwing clay?

I’m trying to find out where, and if, I can find clay, a kiln, some glazing, and a wheel to throw on in Taipei. Any craft centers, pottery centers, or whatever that I can buy a membership at? Whaddya think?



This thread might interest you:

There’s lots of public and semi-private opportunities in Yingge. Two train stops outside of Taipei. Many shops offer classes. Walking thru the alleys I found an unbelievable number of independent artists (they might not be so independent in that they are only fulfilling work by a contract). I’ve met many potters willing to share if one covers a little more than costs. Business seems like it’s livable there but definetely not what it was or needs to be. In Yingge there’s a lot of empty studios with equipment that seemed really cheap to rent (Full-blown industrial quality stuff too). Also I saw a pick-up and deliver service that is a lot like the old milk service in Europe. You leave your ware out in crates and a guy in a truck comes around to pick it up and bisques it in a huge kiln as a service. I frequently saw a truck running around stacked to the gills with greenwear.

There’s also a potter’s studio near Shida University that has classes and a couple of good artists. But that would be more expensive cause they are right in Taipei. They aren’t public so if needed I’d have to introduce

I would shoot for some of the facilities in Yingge, I was warmly received by many of them. The classes at the museum are rather limited but they do have prominent artists that cme in and teach a workshop frequently. There’s at least two dozen if not more places in Yingge one to try and work out some studio use.

Shui-li has a place called the Snake Kln Amusement park and you should try and attend a potters event there if you can.

I’m a potter and have been in and out of Taiwan on ceramic missions…if you need more info, ask.


Can anyone update this thread? I’m hoping there are still workshops and classes in Yingge or around Shida. Is there a website with a directory of studios?

I am looking for ideas that my clay-throwing niece can do and it seems she was born when this thread was posted!

Here is something I found by Googling “Yingge Pottery Class”

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Yingge is for sure the place to go. Where exactly? No idea.

Don’t ask me either, I don’t know. However, the local Tourist Info people have a ‘desk’ at Yingge station on weekends and might know something. Also the Ceramics Museum at Yingge might know things too.

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These links look promising. Any thoughts or feedback from people who have been to any of these would be really useful


There’s a bunch in Yingge, ranging from simple to more artsy. I’d go early, take the town in (anyone into ceramics will love it as I’m sure you know?), scope out the options, get lunch at Houdao and go wherever.