Certificate of Lectureship?

just looking through the ads on tealit and saw a university requesting:

How does one apply for this certificate? I just had a look around on the MoE website and found nothing. Any ideas?

That’s a certificate that the school will have to apply for. I think it means that your credentials, resume, possibly your dissertation, and your transcript will go through a review process with the Ministry of Education. I don’t think it’s possible to do this on your own.

I thought as much… The strange thing is… the way the ad is written makes it look like they want somebody with the cert already. Surely a lecturer would need to reapply every time they took a new job right?

Couldn’t you apply for your own if on JFRV or APRC? You have an open work permit.

I have one. I just looked at it and noticed it has the name of my university and the embossed stamp of the university along with the numbers and stamps from the MOE. I would assume this has to be done by the academic institution. And I would also assume that it doesn’t transfer automatically to another institution, so citizenship or residency status is not involved in that process.

Cheers Douglas!

Actually I think it does transfer. I saw on Scott Sommer’s blog that a university really wanted to hire him because he had a certificate of lectureship already.

Kind of interesting that you have to be licensed to teach at university.

I was told that it does follow you, as it’s based on you rather than the institution (although they do need to apply for it for you. I went through the process online with someone - takes about an hour when they don’t know what they are doing).

I doubt that they were lying, as it would seem counter-productive (in terms of everything involved in Taiwanese higher education) to suggest that I would have an easy time switching to another institution.

It is deemed as “your property” and it is something that your ‘original’ university needs to apply for you. However, once granted, it is your personal property and can be used by the original holder at other places deemed applicable.

I have one…tee hee…:smiley:


What the ad is talking about is the Lecturer’s Certificate (講師證明書)。It is issued by the Ministry of Education (if memory serves) and it’s what allows you to be a lecturer at a college or vocational college in the ROC. It requires an MA degree.

The next step up is now the Assistant Professor certificate (助理教授),then Associate Professor (副教授) and finally full Professor.

It follows the individual. So I am still qualified as an Associate Professor in Taiwan, although I do not hold a position in a Taiwanese university at the moment. I have the certificates here, in fact (although I have only needed to produce copies in the past for various reasons, not the originals; but this may have changed.)

For more, Google says:

Regulations Governing the Screening of Qualification on Teachers of Junior Colleges and Higher Levels

Cheers again all of you there. That makes it clearer.