Certification of the food product

Hello. Would anybody knows how to certify a food product in Taiwan? I making some frozen meat product (no, not sausage :sunglasses: ) and selling at my restaurant as well as over internet. And now want to offer at supermarkets. I know for sure before I can offer at supermarkets I need to get a Taiwanese food certification.
How to get it and how expensive is it?

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ask the supermarket purchasing dept exactly what kind of certification they want (i.e. GMP, HACCP) Search online if you find the details how to fullfill the requirements. Next, somebody has to certify that you fulfil them. In example TUV, SGS BSMI or any other accredited organisation.

Afaik you have to have your production in a factory - area to start with … otherwise no certification. So if you produce in a residential area, it might be very difficult…