[Certification] Official Explanation from MOFA

I received the following letter from MOFA-BOCA.

Dear Mr. Hartzell,

In reply to your letter dated August 9, 2004, we are please to provide you with the information regarding “Certification of Documents” by our overseas offices as follows:

  1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs promulgated the “Regulations Governing the Authentication of Documents by the Overseas Consular Officials”, enacted under Paragraph 3 of Article 150 of the “Act on Authentication”, on January 1, 2002. Therefore, the two mentioned regulations are both the legal basis for the procedures about authentication and certification of documents. For comprehending the contents of the two said regulations, please kindly visit the following homepages:
    law.moj.gov.tw/eng/Fnews/FnewsCo … entication

law.moj.gov.tw/Scripts/Query4.as … E=B0010010 (Chinese version only)

  1. Taiwan’s overseas Missions attest the notaries’ or government officials’ signatures or the seals (stamps) of authorities of the countries in which the documents are issued. In other words, we take responsibility to verify the formal efficacy of the documents, bus as for the substantial efficacy of the documents will be established by the authorities concerned.

  2. Applying for the certification, the Chinese translation isn’t essentially required to complete the procedure of authentication.

  3. As for the requirements regarding the process and fee of authentication, please visit following homepages or contact our overseas offices concerned:


boca.gov.tw/~boca3007/foreig … /index.htm (See Requirements for Document Legalization)

With kind regards,

Bureau of Consular Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs