Chain schools

I know Hess and Kojen, what are the others? As many as you can think of, I guess i’m just going to go down the list and apply. I’m a little surprised, considering how many people seem to say that Hess and Kojen hire anyone and everyone, that each of these places rejected my application within 24 hours; Hess specifically stated that they have 5000 applications for only 250 positions each year.

For starters you can try here: … s/
Look through tealit ads and more or less you will get the picture. The schools which often look for teachers are usually not the best choice.
Good luck!

Shane English Schools, Victoria American Schools, Giraffe, Gloria, Joy, Kid’s Castle, GRAM, Trinity, Global Village, Principle

I’m sure there’s a lot more, but that’s all my old brain can recall at the moment.

I wouldn’t feel too disheartened at getting rejected, they’re only being choosy because the recession makes it a buyer’s market for the chain schools. HESS have reached the point where they’re bragging about it, wow!

They used to, but loads of newbs are heading over because the economy’s down the toilet and to, like, get totally fluent in Mandarin because it’s a world language. It’s down the toilet here too, so they can choose who they like.