Chainsmokers in the doghouse over China remark


I don’t even know who these guys are, except they seem to be universally hated to practically Nicklebackian levels.
I watched the video, and I actually cracked up when the guy made the remark

How in the fuck is it “racist” to make a comment about Chinese people eating dogs??
They DO eat motherfucking dogs, for the love of Pete.

I guaran-friggin-tee you right now, people all over China (and, to a lesser degree, Taiwan) are chowing down on some Chow chow. Or they will be once the weather turns.


I was invited to eat dog for a business lunch in Changchun about 4 years ago. I politely declined.


What about eating fried chicken and watermelon?

edit: My only personal commentary to the thread and link above is that that I don’t eat doggies and I love fried chicken and watermelon. Was just putting up some food for thought.


No no no, not a Chow Chow, Saint Bernard is the preferred species. They even have Saint Bernard breeding farms just for the dog-meat consumption market.


Black dogs are also a favoured delicacy in Taiwan supposedly.
It was interesting to see the Filipinos have a similar idea.
Vietnamese and Thai laborers are often blamed for dognapping locally.
Asians do eat dogs.


Keeps you strong in winter!


Joke, see?


Yeah, if China doesn’t like that sort of joke made it should make dog consumption illegal. Not that I really give a fuck but you can’t have your dog and eat it.


Hard to tell, but I’m guessing the “racist” remarks came from non-Chinese people.

Since dogs clearly are still eaten in China, and since the Chinese presumably consider this acceptable and normal, why would they get upset about having it pointed out? I wonder if he’d made a joke about taking his pet rabbit to France or his guinea-pig to Ecuador, people would have made a similar fuss?


We don’t eat pet rabbits, we eat rabbits tho. It’s a staple in many countries, even in southern Taiwan.


Never mind leaving your pet mayonnaise home when journeying to Québec.

Yeah, like I never heard of anyone in China (or Taiwan) who gave a crap about Tilda teaching Sherlock to do magic tricks, or little Matty saving China (where the frigging thing earned over $171 million) during the WoW Dynasty.

Outside of the pearl-clutching media (and foreigners), I’ve actually never met anyone in Taiwan who had a big problem with the old Ragoût de Fido, to tell you the truth.
And this:

Deserves some kind of award.

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Personally, I don’t really care what people eat, as long as the animal is raised and slaughtered humanely. It’s bad enough in the West - farms and slaughterhouses are mostly run in a disgraceful manner - but Asia (including China) is still noted for being worse.

What baffles me about this sort of thing is that badly-treated, badly-fed animals produce horrible meat that’s worthless unless your customers have no taste and no money. It’s cheaper to treat the animal well because it tends not to get ill or go craaaazy, thus saving you a shitload of hidden costs in a low-margin business.


We’ve been through this before, but, in fact, the more industrialized and production-oriented packing operations are, the more likely it is that slaughter operations will be less humane.


Probably not. Frogs, on the other hand… :frog: :poultry_leg: :astonished: :no_no:


They also eat cats. It’s very common in some places. I went to a place and went to the bathroom in the back where the kitchen was. Saw a cat being skinned on the way back with my friends. It was quite the ethical dilemma whether to tell the rest of my friends as they already paid and was digging in as I suddenly felt “full” after coming back.


I also don’t have a problem with what people want to eat, although I personally don’t want to ever eat dog or cat.

I think generally speaking, both Taiwanese and Chinese don’t really eat dog. Yes, it’s quite common and easy to purchase in China but I don’t think if you asked the average Chinese person if they eat dog you would get a yes, at least among the people I know from China. It’s usually a select demographic such as older people or people from the south typically. I can see why people might get offended. The average person there thinks of dogs as pets.


Most Chinese will eat dogs and cats. In many provinces it’s very common. You can’t say there’s a whole city in taiwan that eats dogs. The Chinese you meet are mostly from larger cities. Few people encounter and interact with the people out in the rural areas or even the really low income people in major cities. Think of how vast china is and their communist culture that’s mistaken for Chinese culture. You can’t starve 50mil people to death and expect them not to have the concept of trying to eat anything like dogs and cats and make a que. these people have that mentality of trying to look out for themselves to survive and anything is eatable. Go to any Chinese supermarket. It’s full of animals like turtles and snakes. And there’s even a mystery meat section for cheap meat.


You are right, I generally meet those from larger cities with a higher income range so my experience is a bit skewed. However thats likely where the outrage is coming from, and who would be the target audience for the chainsmokers if they want to perform in China so it’s not a smart thing to say.


Well, as someone else said, they could stop doing it (or rather, tell their compatriots to stop doing it) if they think it sullies the country’s reputation. If, on the other hand, they genuinely think it’s OK, then why be all bashful about it?

There’s a difference, surely, between joking about something and being judgemental about it. Possibly Hindus make jokes about British people eating roast beef. Nobody cares enough to find out if they do or not. The French certainly do, same as the British rib them for eating amphibians. Again, nobody really cares.


I think it’s more fair to say that Chinese will eat pretty much any meat available. It’s just part of their culture, dogs are just a sensitive subject because most of us grew up with the concept of dogs being basically human like companions vs food for survival.