Chalet Swiss on Nanjing

Haven’t been there in 2 years, just went back last night - recommend the cheese fondue for 2 (the normal size I had 2 years ago fed 5 and we had enough left to bring a solid 1kg block of it back to the bar), high alcohol content and extremely tasty. Also, my veal piccata was great but their recommended Dover Sole was very bland. Also the liverwurst spread and rolls and butter and very good.

The wait staff and manager were nice but stuffy - a bit put off-ish (they are Taiwanese, not Swiss, in case you’re wondering). Food is overpriced here, unless you consider that it’s one of the few places I can find veal in Taipei. Iced tea in a tiny glass for 120 no refills, bill for 2 (fondue + 2 mains/entrees) was 2800 no alcohol (unless you include the fondue). Maybe the rent is high on Nanjing at Tun Hwa, but I don’t think I’ll be heading back there again despite it being one of the few places for cheese fondue in Taipei (since Geneva closed down 2 years ago).

Where are some of the other places to get cheese fondue?

Or, do you know where to get some good chocolate fondue?


Sorry, missed your question.

I had a really buttery cheese fondue - the menu claimed Appenzeller but my friend Herr Scheissficker claimed “this is no appenzeller, shit-fuck” so maybe it wasn’t - and it was real real tasty and uber-fatty but not totally authentic I guess. That was at the Smoky Inn in Sanzhih, North Coast - they have a website here. I suggest the mountain one if the weather is nice because of the views, but the service isn’t quite as good.

Geneva closed 2 years ago, that was the best and most authentic I’d had in Taiwan.

Hagendasz has a choco fondue - not quality chocolate obviously but anyway - and Schwarzwald off Ren Ai has a choco fondue in a little fondue burner - better than Hagen Dasz but not mindblowing, and a little overpriced.

That’s all I got, hope it helps.

Can’t believe that place is still running. It was there when I was legally still a minor. At one time it was fine dining.