Champion drunk driver

No wonder the streets are so dangerous.

He needs to get two arrests the coming year, to make it an even 18/18.
16/17 sounds a bit amateurish to me.

Let’s try again in 8 years…if he goes to jail.

Now I understand how you have people who have killed others while drunk driving still at the wheel.

Man, really, watch out out there.

What’s up with the Paolyta-B.

How is it that this class-A cretin is still allowed on the roads? I blame the legal system more than I blame him.


Like pinglan, used to keep people who work manually 18 hours a day for 18k a month.

A “national record”? So is he gonna get a medal? More like “national shame”!

That shit is spiked

It’s pretty nasty. Met some really old local when I was on Orchard Island and that’s what he drank. Mixed it with coconut juice, IIRC. That way was actually better.

I call that stuff “dialysis drink.”

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read that link, then clicked on an alternate link at the bottom of that article

This idiot riding drunk killed a 19 year old solider on a scooter, but that wasnt his first offense.
he killed his fiancee in 2008 after losing control of his scooter and she fell off.

then got another dui without accident in 2014.

It seems like the message isn’t getting through clearly to these idiots.

what a real winner. In addition, i dont know why they are allowed to hide their face. they do something heinous like this, they should be trotted around town to show everyone who they are and then locked away for life for repeat offenders.

“When asked in court if he had anything to say to the deceased, he at first did not say anything, but after being prodded by his father he shouted, “I am sorry for him!””

It’s people like this that almost make you nostalgic for medieval-style punishments…like burning their eyes out with a white-hot iron rod or something.

chop up some ibuprofen, throw the powder in there, and it’s a one-way ticket to the renal unit.

And like him, there is a steady stream of hps in the news every night…

Interesting. I’ll have to add some of that to my Whisbih.

For even more of a kick, add it to your Paolyta-B!

Add a dash of 蠻牛 and you’ve got a “Pingdong Iced Tea.”

no kidding eh

its one thing if someone on a first offense feels real remorse and vows not to repeat it but to kill your girlfriend and then never learn anything from it really screams winner.

my students all love the Paolyta B commercials

I love them too. They are narrated by director Wu Nien-jen, who is a staple in Taiwan’s cinematography. He also narrates Taiwan from Above. I love the images of people working hard in diverse fields. There was one of a marble cutting place in Xindian that was awesome. Fishing, crafting, molding, it all looks so powerful and well, vital. The images are amazing and Wu’s narration is passionate.