Change of contract hours

My school has just informed me that they will be cancelling one of my classes next semster due to poor reenrolment.

As this is my only job (of just a few hours) I am quite concerned that I will be losing a class (and money).

My contract (English, there never was a Chinese contract) states that I am employed for an X amount of hours for an X amount of money for a term of 1 year. They hold my ARC and work permit.

Can they do this and what is the best way to get them to honor the contract.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

When you say they “hold” your ARC, I take it you mean that your ARC is with their school and not in their possession. You do have it one you right now, right?

Yes, I have it physically.

If you have a good working relationship with these people you should ask a few questions, don’t make demands, and see what they say. Don’t say that they are wrong and can’t do that to you. Ask how you can solve the problem. Let the boss keep face and go home to think about it, he’ll think about it no matter what he says when you talk about it. Walk away from the first meeting with him feeling that you have a great attitude and he may change his mind or work really hard to work things out for you.

Let Chinese New Year pass, this is a high pressure and slow business time for many schools, and see if the situation changes. If not you can let a few more less subtle hints slide. Above all else keep a good attitude.

If nothing happens, like the boss is a prick or something, then find out if he will transfer you. This may involve finding a replacement for yourself, that is if you don’t feel like you’d be dumping someone else in it.

Be very careful, some bosses wouln’t hesitate to cancel your ARC and have you deported and maybe black listed, all over a complaint about $$$$! It happens!

Give us some more details and let’s see if we can come up with a game plan.

Disclaimer: Any advice given is based on personal experience and may not work for everyone and in every situation. I am not responsable for any consequences of people taking my advice. Make an intelligent decision based on what YOU or WE think and run with it. In the end it is YOUR decision.

If you ask about it, it may turn out that your contract actually says you work only about 16 hours a week while you feel like your boss promised you in excess of 20 hours a week.