Change the willingness to get vaccinated

Hi all,
I just changed the willingness to get vaccinated yesterday (added BNT into my preference list and change the vaccination area from Taoyuan to Taipei). Will it affect my turn to get vaccinated since the registered time was reset but the Registration number remains the same. Thank you!

I believe no. There has been a note on the site mentioning that people adding AZ to their preferences on 7/27 or after will have to wait until everyone who chose AZ on 7/18 (I think) or earlier has received theirs. I did that but it didn’t seem to affect my receiving Moderna a few weeks back. I would guess adding this new vaccine preferences won’t affect things, and I didn’t see a note about it.

Minister Chen assured his listeners on Friday that adding BNT would not change one’s spot in the priority list.

However we have had conflicting reports, I think from @tango42 , stating otherwise, from an earlier moment in the sign up process.

Going forward, I don’t think anyone can confirm either way, but I do hope for the best as I too have added BNT to my wishlist.


I don’t know the intricacies of the system, but I do have screenshots of my

  • “registration completion time” for first registration for a vaccine
  • “registration completion time” that changed after I added an additional vaccine.

They are weeks apart.

It’s plausible that my first registration was for the first vaccine type, and the second registration was for the second vaccine type. But the system currently only shows me one “registration completion time” and it’s the later date.

I added willingness for BNT vaccine to Moderna and AZ and it changed my “registration completion time” again. To today. :roll_eyes: