Changing from dependent ARC to working ARC

For legal sticklers, when I said “dependent ARC to working ARC”, I was being succinct. I mean an ARC based on dependent status to an ARC based on a work permit. That was too long for the title. It might be called something different, but the question is about the following.

What needs to be done when one holds an ARC based on dependent status to an ARC based on holding a white collar job, in this case teaching. Does one need to leave Taiwan, or to cancel their current ARC before applying for a work permit and/or ARC? Or can one simply apply for a job, sign a contract, have the school submit documents to the Dept. of Ed., get a work permit, and apply for an ARC like most foreign teachers who get a job while already in Taiwan on a visitors visa?

Also, if anyone knows what a Filipino specifically would need to do, please tell. I know the process for Filipino direct-hire applicants apply from within the Philippines, and it’s long and difficult, but I’m hoping one can get a job first and apply to the OEC later without going through the process of having degrees and contracts verified and all the rest.

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iiuc, no need to cancel the current ARC. the person needs to apply to NIA for modification of reason for residency with work permit and other required documents.

10.A foreign national’s application for modification of reason(s) for residency pursuant to Paragraph 2 of Article 23 of the Act shall be joining family, employment and investment only. An applicant applying for modification with other reasons for residency (e.g. study or do missionary work) shall first consult and obtain a related residency visa with the Bureau of Consular Affairs of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, then re-apply for an ARC with the NIA.


Is there any advantage in doing that?

maybe you can use the same number?

Iiuc, you simply apply for a job, sign a contract, have the school submit documents to the Dept. of Ed., get a work permit, and apply for modification just like apply for an ARC.

Sorry, I meant to ask about “dependent ARC” vs “working ARC”. Assuming the reason for dependency have not changed, is there any advantage in changing the reason of one’s ARC?
Different restrictions to get the APRC, maybe?

the days in Taiwan are counted for APRC, and can work as a teacher.

you can use your salary to meet the financial criterion.

Do you mean that someone with ARC based on dependent status cannot work as a teacher?

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yes. Dependents (spouses) of work based ARC/APRC holders can only do Specialized or Technical Works without changing their ARC to work based one. Teaching is not included.


I didn’t know that!
It seems it started last year, right?

As far as I know, dependents have never been able to work, except that recently they can do specialized work. But I looked at all the options for that and most require the applicant to be highly qualified in a few fields, and I think it’s only for part time work.

About the ARC number and cancellation, I think the ARC will need to be changed if not canceled at some point because letters we all know that start most ARCs (FC) are different for a dependent ARC. Probably that makes it identifiable for the police. Is someone goes from dependent status to working, they’d likely need to get a new ARC with a different number.

I don’t know, but does this post relate?

And this post and thread

No, it looks like they asked a similar question but didn’t get a real answer. The other post as well. I don’t see where anyone has followed up with a real answer.

Here are general rules for the letters. In Chinese.

First letter indicates location at the time of the card is applied for the first time, and the second letter indicates gender.

What! All this time I was sure it was because we had a different status because applied at the same place, but the first time I applied was in Taipei COUNTY. Xinbei is an F so I guess they’re still giving me that even though I’ve left Taiwan twice since the first time I applied, and I lived in Taipei City after the second and third returns. Weird, but thanks for clearing that long mystery up. That’s the ghosts of CNY past coming back.

And nationality status!

Taiwanese national with household registration
1 male
2 female

National without household registration (NWOHR)
A male
B female

Alien Resident (ARC/APRC)
C male
D female

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