Channel 5 on TV

Does anyone know how to get channel 5 on cable TV. I notice that it has sensual programming through the scrambling, but I don’t see how to order it. I heard a rumor that you can get a decoder at the market, but I do not know what to ask for or where to go.


Best bet is to go to any night market. It used to be that you just bought a plug for the back of your TV but I think you’ve got to buy some kind of box now. The guys selling them are pretty obvious, they usually sell a bunch of crap porn too. Just let them know what number the channel is and they’ll sort you out.

Outsideof taipei you will find the place packed with people selling those things and the porn as well.

I drive thru 100 meters of typical Taiwanese suburban sprawl en route from my house to the freeway. There are at least 3 shops selling that gadget there.

It’s something of a stretch to call what’s on Channel 5 “sensual.” Hysterically whining Japanese girls and remanufactured American females really don’t cut it – the worst stereotypes of East and West.

Save yourself the disappointment and “invest” in tapes/VCDs/DVDs from a quality catalog or online retailer.

I thought the cable companies changed that so even that little adapter wouldn’t work anymore…

The thing you are looking for looks like this but without the paper sticker on the outside. Just ask around for Channel 5 in your area. I found one at a local appliance shop. After a week or so, I threw it away, too distracting! CNN or Channel 5? What is your choice? Read a little or watch channel 5? Practice writing some Chinese characters or watch channel 5. Hey man, just say no! If you still want one, look for one these. Not sure if they still work, I owned one about 4 or 5 years ago.

A local friend of mine gave me this kind of thing before he left for China, but it doesn’t work. He said they changed the system, so I probably wouldn’t be able to use it. He was right. Maybe it has changed since the last time I tried… but I don’t care too anymore…

Well boys, there is a decoder box, the building where I live requires a cable box to be able to watch any cable at all, let alone the “porn”. The box is available to rent from the cable companies or you can buy one. It is a box that takes over the role of changing channels from your TV. You must select one channel to be your AV channel and then bingo you have all the channels.

Yeah there is a cable box, I have heard about it and if you do a search I am sure you will find out more information.

It’s called a Jie3 ma3 qi4. They are sold everywhere down in Yangmei. Haven’t seen then in Taipei, but as everybody else wrote - try the night markets.

Will that kind of merchandise get past the post office?

Yeah that picture thing never worked for me either, ah a mate’s info anyway. Don’t waste your $NT100.