Chargeback unauthorised transactions


An insurance agent has charged my visa debit card for an insurance policy we told her not to renew. We had issues with this agent previously hence not using her services anymore. I only just noticed the charge as it took 2 weeks to settle.

We have Line messages instructing her not to renew the policy. She is now ignoring our calls and the insurance company doesn’t know what to do. Is it possible to initiate a chargeback with a visa debit card? How would I go about this? It’s a Cathay United card.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Call your bank and dispute the charge.


Can you dispute visa debit transactions?

yes, you can. It is still a card and can be subject to fraud.

Call the bank, give the full story and as many supporting docs as possible. They might charge a small fee for handling the chargeback and might ask you to renew the card to keep security, issuers vary their policy on the matter.

It can take quite long though, don’t expect the money back in a few days, might take even a few months depending on the complexity of the case.


Awesome. I’ll give the insurance company/agent a few days to get their act together then call the bank. Thanks!

To me this is fraud and would look at reporting it to the police. I would get a police report for any future legal action that may be needed. Even if it’s just to protect yourself from legal action.


They don’t know what to do? That’s unacceptable. Maybe the Fair Trade Commission would be able to help them figure it out.

I feel like stuff like this is becoming a bit more common lately.


Another place to complain to is the FSC. They can be persuasive.

But first id contact the insurance company again and make it clear it was to be cancelled, perhaps get a manager. If not tell them you will call the FSC which usually makes them act. If they don’t then call them