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Watching this makes me sad.



Why? It’s not like Americans live lives of quiet desperation, man.

Honestly though, it’s not that bad. The way some people talk about NJ, you’d expect it to look much worse than that!



Yeah well, if you live in Newark or other sub-urban urban places like Newark or South Chicago - areas “governed” by Democrats - I can understand a hopeless, quiet desperation.

Comes with the territory.



Wasn’t christie, the former Governor, a member of the GOP?



And what are areas ‘governed’ by Republicans?

‘… poor rural America, particularly rural white America: Appalachia, the Ozarks, the Mississippi Delta, the Dakotas, the Rio Grande Valley, the Cotton Belt.’



Have you seen that award winning documentary film on the ozarks called “ozark”. It documents the real life stories of people living in the area and really makes the ozarks not look like such a bad place to live. Looks kinda comfy to be honest.

I think Jason Batemen is one of the producers of the show. There’s a few seasons, but I’ve only managed to catch the odd episode. It’s worth checking out this documentary if you want a different perspective on what life is like in a red state.



If you have money and own a yacht! I’ve seen Ozark, the rich live the good live, others not so much. BTW, it’s not a documentary, It’s friggin’ ‘narcos Ozark’, I’ve seen the two seasons. As said, nice place if you have money. But then any place is nice if you have money.



Hmm, I think I see your problem. You have confused the Lake of the Ozarks (setting of the Netflix series) with the entire Ozark region. For balance, watch the movie Winter’s Bone. More representative.

Beautiful area, the Ozarks, just gorgeous. And there are many people who use the lake but are hardly rich.

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Are you sure?
It won an award at the LA film festival for best documentary. :thinking:

In one segment of the doc, this girl named Ruth buys a mountain lion, but it runs away. :pensive: That’s just one of the hardships people face in the ozarks.

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Are you from the region?



You’ve got me on the fence here. Either you are woefully mistaken or absolutely hilarious. :idunno:

Carry on.

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No. Why? Do you think intersectionality plays a role in my understanding that Ozark is not a documentary?

I am from reality. Ozark with JB is a TV show, dude.

Season 1 was good. S2 was not.


I’m not denying this. It’s a documentary ‘TV show’ that airs on Netflix.

Which part in the trailer you posted makes you believe it’s fictional? Do you think Jason Batemen isn’t a serious enough director to produce such a quality doc, so you consider it just a fictional television program?



Mostly the actors and the scripts they read from.

Is this a space documentary? I mean Gene Roddenberry was far more talented than JB.

Rural life doc from Burkittsville, Maryland:

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He’s pulling @Belgian_Pie’s leg. As he’s wont to do, BP went all judgmental on the US. This time his judgment was based on watching Ozark, even though it’s fictional. And then BP got a little snippy when @overnightoats666 teased him about it.

If Ozark is fiction (it is) then it seems a little silly to regard it as evidence of #richAmericanbad. :thinking:

It’s subtle. :idunno:

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Much obliged.

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Thanks for cleaning that up LOL

I was about to have to show my second documentary to be used as evidence regarding the ozarks and life in red states.

”where you going city boy!” @jdsmith

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Of course it’s fiction (but hey, growing poppies brings money, even in Ozark), but then there are other real documentaries about poor red state US.