Just in case you didn’t notice the new chat feature.

Now you will (notice) at the top of the page. I’m getting tired of chatting by myself. :frowning:



I misunderstood the chat features before I installed it in the forums. For some reason, I assumed that we could alert people that we were ready/interested to chat with them more proactively. What I mean is: if I noticed you were online, I could initiate a chat session with you.

Well, you can’t do this with this version of chat. So it isn’t as valuable/interesting as I thought it would be.

I’m upgrading the forum software this week, and will need to re-hack my modifications to the software since I want to do a “fresh install.” This Chat function is unlikely to be sved in the transition – but if you think it shows promise, please post here

I realize now that what I want is “Instant Messaging” – not a Chatroom. If anyone knows of a phpBB mod for IM-ing, please post here or e-mail me the location.

Hi Gus

I’ve never chatted before. But I think the chat mode is a nice idea for Segue. People just have to get used to it being there. I think it would be a pity to get rid of it so soon.

As to instant messaging: I usually figure quite fast whether or not I have personal messages, and once in a while, it does work like instant messaging: I reply, the person replies again …

My ten cents …


I think it could be useful one day. If there were scheduled chatting times during the week, or if someone wanted to have people meet and discuss something coughs chess club. It may need a couple more features to be used this way, but it’s a thought.

Ten registered users are online now. I’m not leaving until I chat with some one. :imp:

Guess you can leave now Casey. Enjoyed chatting with you, though I’m still not quite sure how it’s better than using a phone. :? But then, I’m not too hip with all this techie stuff.