Cheap airline tickets to USA-last min...any idea please?

It is soooo last-min and I might be stuck in Taipei if I cant find ticket back to New York.
I should have planned ahead but it is “LIFE”… :cry:

thank you.

ps, US websites r not really good deals at all…they charge like $2000up

You do realize that we are in the week before the busiest travel period of the year, don’t you? I flew back from Japan late Friday and the aiport was already hella crazy. I’m expecting it to be twice so when I fly out again to Malaysia on Thursday. Wish you luck, but you will probably either have to bite the bullet or stay put. :frowning:

You could try ez-Travel or Astor Travel and see if you might luck out. But this is truly the worst time to travel when it comes to ticket availability and price. You’d have better luck after CNY.

thank you guys. I will do my best today either to get one “reasonable” ticket or plan my own CNY party in Tpe. :aiyo:

if you REALLY must go at this time,try a Non Chinese hub for transit, ie do a short haul to eg Korea, Phillipines etc and long haul from there, cheaper that way.

Do you know if this strategy will only work during Chinese New Year, or is it possible during the summer season? My initial feeling is that the answer will be no, but figured I’d ask. Trying to get a decent priced ticket to the States for the summertime and want to get a jump on what’s available.

When in the summer?

CI and Eva is usually quite competitive, pricing wise, but somtimes it is worth the while to look for other non direct flights as logic has it that discounts would be offered as compensation for the mandatory stop over.Cathay Pacific and Malaysia airlines are two that spring to mind off hand.

Philippine Airlines is also often among the cheapest choices. But you have to go though Manila Airport, with its extreme security.

I went by Philippine Airlines a couple years ago… on the way back we arrives at Manila at around 2:00am, and they put me in a hotel downtown for free. I had a nice shower and sleep, and then had a few hours in the morning to go out exploring the city. Took a nice stroll through Rizal Park, and visited Intramuros. Pretty cool.

I think I’ll be going in August. Any suggestions?

Aug is high season as it falls on the school holidays; you won’t get good prices on CI or BR.Try to look out for promo fares on Cathay Pacific then.

Yes…wait another month.

Cebu Pacific flies cheap to Manila from Taipei.

There’s some Japanese company which does charter flights to Hawai’i fairly cheap, too. Dunno if that’d work out cheaper tho (Taiwan - Japan - Hawai’i - domestic to wherever) but last I remember they were something ridiculous like $300 one way. You can only book them in Japan, though. I don’t remember what they were called or if they’re still open :wink: but I think they had an English website too.

…Sorry, that wasn’t very helpful, was it? :blush:

Would going in July makea big difference?

School holidays starts from 1st July-end of Aug, therefore, no big difference :smiley:
Just found an unbelievable low fare to LA on Malaysian air—18150NTD before tax, in L class. and 18400NTD on Phillipines air, in T class. You may want to check that out.

Asianmom, just sent you a pm.


If you can also read the Chinese character, then I’d suggest 101 travel agency.
I always book the ticket from them whenever I go.

101vision, yeah, that’s the one I use too.

I found “” compares some flight prices and very helpful. :wink: