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Hello everyone, I am new here in Taiwan, I have pain in my tooth and I went to Taipei veterans general hospital it was that my tooth which I made a root canal and crown before in my home country before I traveled have a cavity and we need to remove the crown and after fixing it I will need a new crown the dentist said it will cost around 18K NTD. So I hope if anyone no another place cheaper at any hospital or clinic in Taipei or New Taipei?

The cost mostly depends on the materials used and can go up to 40+k. Most dental clinics will have similar prices for labor. Shop around and see if you get a better price.

Can’t recommend anyone in Taipei area as I do not live up north.

thank you very much for your reply I heard that local clinics, in general, will be cheaper than big hospitals I am new in Taiwan so I do not know what local clinics mean here is that the same as private clinics?

You can get a filling that should last for at least two years and skip the crown for now. You’ll have to tell the dentist you have no money.


Appears the OP already has a root canal and crown so a filling is unlikely to suffice.

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I have twelve crowns (after root canal). Never paid more than 7k for one. Go to the clinics, not the hospitals. You can negotiate the price.


Yes. I got a titanium crown for a cracked tooth for four or five thousand at a clinic. 18 thousand is US pricing.


Do NHI cover dental treatment? if so what extent does it cover?

Could you please told me where you did this crowns?

In Sanchong.

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Could you please told me which clinic made this crowns?

It covers the root canal, but not the crowns. They are considered “cosmetic”.

Thank you for your reply Sanchong is close to me could you told me the clinic or hospital address please?

I’m sorry, I can’t write Chinese. It’s in Ji Mei street. If you want to meet me there, I can show you.


I remember it was in ZhongHe but I can’t remember the exact clinic now. A friend recommended it. I’ll try to remember to ask her.

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Maybe maybe not. You can put a temporary crown or a filling on anything but it’d depend on the integrity of the remaining tooth structure whether it’d last.

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Only cleaning and basic dental work.

Thank you very much for your help could you share the location or just write the building number, please ?

could you point it out on google street view?

I just checked google maps. There are so many dentists on Jimei Street. That’s weird.