Cheap Grocery Stores in Xinyi?

Hi, my family and I will be arriving in Taipei (from the U.S.) at the end of next week and staying in temp housing in Xinyi not far from Mitsukoshi Dept. store.

Is there a good place to grocery shop that would be within walking distance? I’m going to need to find items that I’m familiar with if the family wants any chance of my cooking.

Are there any good, inexpensive mom and pop type restaurants in the area?

Thanks for any help!

What major intersection will you be nearest to? “Xinyi near Mitsukoshi” is a big place.

Most places in Taipei are not far from a branch of the Wellcome chain of supermarkets. There are bound to be plenty of mom-and-pop restaurants anywhere except for the Xinyi Development Zone (where Taipei 101 is). Check the back-alleys for the cheapest mom-and-pop restaurants.

There are Wellcome supermarkets on Song De and Song Ren roads. A Kuma-Mart(my children call “Mrs Grotty” on Song Ji Rd and Geant on Zhongxiao Rd all within a mile of Mitsukoshi Xinyi. If you need recognisable western food you’ll have to try Jasons in the B1 of 101 Bldg. Restaurants all over this part of town - from $$$$ to $.

Further up the road on zhongxiao e, sect 5 there is Geant supermarket and impressive traditional market (but they’re everywhere). Don’t worry the Taiwanese love their food and you’re never further than 5 minutes from some kind of food shop.

Here’s where we will be: No. 68, Sung-Kao, Rd., Taipei, Taiwan 110

I’m just wondering how I will be able to shop for food that I know what to do with amdist the chaos of the first several days. If I could find a place that has good Ramen, they’d be happy with that everyday.