Cheap love motels in Taipei

Some of them have accessories included or available from a vending machine inside the room or outside the room.

Or so I’ve heard.

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Honestly that’s a great concept. When I was in Taipei I used to live and work in diametrically opposite locations with respect to the city center. If I had to go out at night after a day’s work, I could use a room for 2h just to take a shower, change with clothes I had brought, rest a bit and hit the night without wasting time commuting.

Here’s a few places I checked in that were comfy:

  • 皇品時尚旅店 between Fuzhong and Banqiao. Rooms are a bit small but it’s clean and comfy.
  • V-one Vogue Hotel near Dadaocheng. Not too close from any MRT station, but Dadaocheng is one of my favourite parts in town, great for romantic strolls and exploring the staircases of Ivy Palace before going back to do the deed. Pretty roomy.
  • City Suites Beimen. North of Beimen MRT.
  • VIP hotel near Zhongshan elementary MRT.

Just found these places browsing (don’t wanna sound like I’m pushing on that website, any hotel booking website can do really), I don’t remember a single time when the room pics didn’t represent reality. When the place was good I saved it on google maps for times of emergency (got traumatized by that one time in Japan when the girl was horny and we couldn’t find a single hotel within walking distance hahaha).

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It’s cheaper with LGBT in Ximen too… just find a bath house…

But there are many hostels that charge 300nt a day over there.

Slightly off topic but do people bone in the Qtimes?

As a rule, people bone everywhere.


Seeing this thread in the feed almost next to:

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Go a bit farther out the city and get one with a pool and a large bath tub. A lot more fun to be had.


As I understand it the love motels here aren’t really associated with sex tourism. They’re mostly for the hookups you can’t or don’t want to bring home for whatever reason. A lot of the younger generation still lives with their parents, so they generally end up necking in the dark at Da-an Park and/or going to a love motel. It’s also a convenient place to bring your mistress, of course.

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There really isn’t any brothels in Taiwan. Some saunas that have these services and massage parlors. But I’ve never heard of any actual brothels. So I believe most sex work is done at love motels or just hotels that have 2-3 hour 休息房。

Sex work and sex tourism aren’t quite the same, though. I don’t think there’s near as much of an actual sex tourism “industry” here as there is in the poor parts of southeast Asia.

What do you mean? Sex tourism is about sex work no?

I mean, Taiwan is kind of famous for love motels so I would assume that’s where people who come for sex tourism (no idea why anyone would pick Taiwan) would go?

But it’s not like Japan where some places have a literal catalogue waiting for you.

Taiwan has a higher number of prostitutes as a percentage of population than Thailand. It’s just not so visible.


I think Japan is the one that’s more famous for love motels. I assume we just imported the concept. But in any case, I don’t think Taiwan is a hotspot for sex tourism specifically.

Interestingly, a lot of the sex workers I have seen “marketing themselves” here are Vietnamese.

It must be hidden really well if there’s as many as you say. I only ever actually saw sex workers in the red light district of Keelung. I see the middle-aged hostesses walking around in Taipei all the time, though. I don’t know if that counts.

It’s all done via the internet these days. There’s almost zero actual street walking.

Also massage parlors, barber shops, saunas, spas, teahouses, coffee shops, piano bars, KTVs. And down south the girls are in the actual business hotels. As soon as you get in the room the front desk calls and says “you want girl?”.

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Whats a piano bar?

Omg that reminds me, I have been seeing some mysterious pages pop up on instagram lately that appear to be run by pimps. Just images of stacks of money, expensive things, faceless women in sexy outfits with suggestive captions…super weird.

Piano bar is like Karaoke but some guy plays the piano while you sing. Linsen N. Rd has a lot of them.

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Tinder’s worse. I’d say close to a 25% of the girls are fronts for prostitution services.

And they have working girls in them like Karaoke?