Cheap love motels in Taipei

What are my cheapest options to find a bed and some privacy for a few hours in Taipei. Preferably close to an MRT station.
Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Do you need a single room or one for two people?


I need a room and bed for me and my partner for some private time.

There’s one called Alper Motel near Nanjing Sanmin station. It’s next to a big 711. The price is reasonable. You don’t wanna go too cheap for this sort of thing…

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I understand that. What is the reasonable low end price range? What are the prices like at Nanjing sanmin?

Around NT$500 should get you something usable. There are tons in the area around Taipei Main Station.

If you can read Chinese (includes interactive map):

Taipei main station sounds perfect. Can you help me out with any information i need to know. First time user. Appreciate you. Thanks :slight_smile:


Pay money, make sure there’s nothing icky on the sheets, get down to business. Don’t forget the time limit (usually two hours).

To add to this, I think most of these places have 1-2 complimentary condoms. If you have a preference, or you’re a real animal and you need a few more, you‘ll want to bring your own.

The love motel condoms split.

Do they! Oh my. I have a feeling there’s a story here…

Thanks, I’m thinking more about the hotel XD

Wasn’t there a street full of these hotels somewhere near Zhongshan Elementary School (darn that sentences screams pedophilia…) Tho I usually booked them for the whole night through Then, the service is just like a regular hotel, staff usually speaks English, nothing special.

Also, like mentioned above, beware of the cheapness. My ex-roomie once left a gentleman on the spot when he dared bring her to a 500NTD hotel.

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Oh, and don’t forget to be a generous lover. :wink:

It’s really more of a hygiene thing, but it also doesn’t send a very good message.

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Realistically, you’re probably not going to pick up crabs or lice…I think it’s more about the atmosphere. But if both parties are horny enough, there’s not that much need for atmosphere.

Boy you’d need to be darn horny to wanna do the deed in places such as:

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The real turnoff is the separate beds…


Share the room with another couple! 50% off!!!